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Boundaries shape how markets are structured and the inter-organizational dynamics underneath. Boundary-spanning activities--namely, the transgression and extension of the agreed-upon dividing lines in the marketplace--are common across organizations in their exploratory efforts for new opportunities or territories of growth. The current research portfolio I have developed aims to advance a better understanding of organizational boundary-spanning in the context of corporate sustainability and innovation. First, I study the antecedents of organizational boundary-spanning, where I examine how market-intermediaries affect inter-organizational dynamics across knowledge domains. Second, I explore the consequences of organizational boundary-spanning to answer questions related to firm entry in nascent industries, as well as talent acquisition for strategic renewal.


1. Xuege C. Lu, Shinan Wang, & Letian Zhang. “Homophily, Setbacks, and the Dissolution of Heterogeneous Ties: Evidence from Professional Tennis” Forthcoming at Sociological Science

2. Xuege C. Lu, Hyeonsuh Lee, & Ryan Coles. “Move Fast and Break Things? The Contingent Nature of Product Acceleration in Nascent Markets” Forthcoming at Strategy Science


3. Letian Zhang, Xuege C. Lu, & Laura Huang. [activism and gender discrimination] Under Review

4. Xuege C. Lu, Shipeng Yan, & Lisha Liu. [banks and firm environmental performance] Under Review

5. Letian Zhang, Shinan Wang, & Xuege C. Lu. [collaborative managers and inequality] Under Review

6. Xuege C. Lu and Letian Zhang. [corporate hiring for sustainability professionals] Under Review


7. Xuege C. Lu and Heeyon Kim. “Market Intermediaries as Gatekeepers to Promote Domain Originality” Preparing for Journal Submission

8. Xuege C. Lu, Halil Sabanci, and Elizabeth McClean. “Gender-based Evaluations and Labor-Market Intermediaries” Preparing for Manuscript

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